How ChatGPT Can Transform Your Work and Study Routines: Practical Tips and Personal Insights

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Hey there! If you've ever wondered how AI could make your life a bit easier, you're in the right place. ChatGPT (you’ve probably heard of it already :D) is an incredibly handy tool that can help with a variety of tasks—everything from drafting emails and writing reports to studying for exams and learning new skills.

My Book and Podcast Recommendations for You

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Dive into my recommendations of books and podcasts - resources to benefit your life and broaden your horizons. I hope these help you as much as they helped me!

Finding Clients as a (Web Development) Freelancer - Part 2

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Explore effective short-term strategies for immediately acquiring clients as a (web development) freelancer. Discover actionable tips on direct outreach, leveraging referrals, optimizing paid ads, and more to rapidly expand your client base.

Finding Clients as a (Web Development) Freelancer

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Discover proven strategies and practical tips that can elevate your freelance career, whether you're a web developer or involved in any other freelance field. Join me as we lay the foundation for long-term success and explore how to blend strategic planning with immediate actions.