Living and Working Happier: My Experience with Ali Abdaal's 'Feel Good Productivity'

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Discover how Ali Abdaal's ‚Feel Good Productivity‘ transformed my approach to productivity and well-being. Learn how to do more of what matters, align your actions with your goals, and have fun along the way.

My Book and Podcast Recommendations for You

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Dive into my recommendations of books and podcasts - resources to benefit your life and broaden your horizons. I hope these help you as much as they helped me!

How I Finally Mastered Quality Sleep: My Tips and Science-Backed Strategies

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Ever felt like getting a good night's sleep is a never-ending battle? You're not alone! In this post, I share how I transformed my sleep habits. From setting up a solid bedtime routine to discovering the benefits of guided sleep meditation, this guide is packed with practical advice and easy-to-follow tips. Ready to start snoozing better? Let's get started!

How I Manage to Do Everything I Love: Time Blocking Tips and Personal Insights

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Ever feel like your life is juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle? Time blocking might be the game-changer you need. In this post, I share my personal experience with time blocking—how it helps me balance competitive sports, one employed job, one self-employed job, master’s studies, a fulfilling social life, and relaxed free time, and why it might work for you too. Discover practical tips, tools, and insights to maximize your time and focus on what truly matters

How ChatGPT Can Transform Your Work and Study Routines: Practical Tips and Personal Insights

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Hey there! If you've ever wondered how AI could make your life a bit easier, you're in the right place. ChatGPT (you’ve probably heard of it already :D) is an incredibly handy tool that can help with a variety of tasks—everything from drafting emails and writing reports to studying for exams and learning new skills.

Mastering the Remote Work & Travel Balance: My 8-Week Journey in Australia

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Ever thought about mixing work with travel? Well, that's exactly what I did during my 8-week adventure across Australia. If you're curious about how to successfully combine work responsibilities with wanderlust, keep reading! I’m excited to share personal anecdotes as well as tips on how you can do it too, without sacrificing work quality or travel experiences.

How I VERY successfully used ChatGPT for Exam Preparation - and how it can help you

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Studying for exams can be a daunting task, but my recent experience with an oral exam was transformed by an unlikely ally - ChatGPT. In this post, I'll share how I utilized ChatGPT to prepare for my exam effectively and how it can help you as well.